Behavioral Treatment for ADHD/ADD: A General Overview
I think most parents are aware of the medication options for treating ADHD, but I don’t think as many realize how big a role behavioral treatment plays in an ADHD care plan.

Child Safety Guide: How to Keep Kids Safe When They’re Home Alone
Kids with ADHD will inevitably be left home alone at one point or another. It’s important to take extra precautions to make sure they’re set up for safety.

Activities for Children with ADHD
Not all activities are a good fit for a kid with ADHD, but it’s good to know there are plenty of options that are.

The Top 3 Challenges to Finding a Babysitter for Your Special Needs Child - and How to Overcome Them
Fortunately, we have a wonderful sitter who we’ve worked with for years, but I imagine this would be a huge source of stress for parents whose child tends to be a handful.

5 Ways to Support Siblings in Special Needs Families
I’m so glad I came across this article. It made me realize the importance of making sure all of our kids are adjusting to the changes we’ve made, and I think all parents whose child with ADHD has siblings should give this a read.